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Carnauba Wax Emulsion CE-11

Name: Carnauba Wax Emulsion
Model Number: CE-11
Chemical Composition: Carnauba wax

Technical Parameters:

Nature of the Products CE-11
Appearance Brown liquid
pH 7-9
Ionic nature Non
Solid content 30%
Melting Point ℃ 82

Characteristics and Purposes
Carnauba wax emulsion CE-11 can be used for textile finishing, coating, printing ink, and paper making industries, provide the effects of abrasion resistance, scratch resistance, soft hand-feeling and high gloss at the same time. CE-11 can be used in water-based coating systems , polish fields like floor, leather, furniture, car, paper and water-based ink, liquid shoe cream,metal mold release agent industries. When added into the leather finishing agent, it can increase wax feeling and the brightness of leather; when added into the color paste, it can provide leveling effect, and can prevent the coating from stickiness when exposed to heat.

Addition level and processing instructions
Usually added into variety of systems directly, stir to even and then use, the additional amount of wax emulsion is generally between 2-10%.

Packaging and Storage
Plastic barrel, 25kg/barrel This product is non-dangerous goods. Please store it away from ignition sources and strong oxidants.


May 20, 2022
Hi I would like to know what is the price of carnuba wax please
Manish Garg
May 16, 2022
I Have Need Carnauba Wax Emulsion Of 30% Solid.For use on Paper Coating
Muhammad Shahbaz
Mar 30, 2022
Sir I want to be a sample of carnuba wax emulsion. I want to be use it in a car body polish for high gloss shine. Before odreing I want to 500g sample
Ivan Ilijevski
Dec 19, 2021
Dear sir or madam I would like to test a sample of carnauba wax emulsion before ordering a barrel. Would it be possible? Thank you in advance.
Nov 06, 2021
Looking for carnuba wax emulsion
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