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Emulsión EAA


Suraj Arya
Apr 27, 2022
Could you please share the TDS and grades offered for the EAA emulsion and tentative CIF Nhava sheva Price if possible
Marilene Morselli
Apr 07, 2022
Good morning. Please, do you produce a wax similar to AC 5120 (honeywell)? Best regards
Asit Ray
Apr 04, 2022
Dear Tianshi team good morning . I want to know more about this product , its price and packing . Please revert appropriately
Richard Hardin
Mar 17, 2022
Hello, What is the molecular weight of the EAA polymer? What is the melt flow index of the EAA polymer? What is the acrylic acid content of the EAA polymer? I am trying to find a workable offset to Michelman MP4990R. I have brochure for this chemical and technical info. Please email me for these. If you have other offerings that are closer to MP4990R those are of interest. Thanks, Richard
Jan 01, 2022
To use as an additive in screen printing ink, for good wash fastness
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