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PE wax

Polyethylene (PE) Wax Granule PEW-0320

Chemical Composition: Polyethylene Wax
Model Number: PEW-0320

Technical Parameters

Nature of the Product



White Granule

Density       g/cm3


Melting Point   ℃


Viscosity      CPS



Characteristics and Purposes

1. Be used in master batch, PEW-0320 with the features of low viscosity, high softening point, good hardness, and thermal stability, low volatile under high temperature, good dispersion in pigment. It has excellent lubricity, can enhance the productivity of plastic processing. Have good anti-moisture ability under normal temperature, chemical resistance is strong, very good electrical properties, can improve the appearance of finished product.

2.In powder coating, PEW-0320 is good lubricant agent and hardening agent, its appearance is white, with low viscosity, should be added in the process of internal squeezing, provides good lubricant and hardening effects in powder coating. The addition level normally at 0.5% -3%.

3.In some solvent-based offset printing inks and gravure printing inks, good abrasion and scratch resistance can be obtained with the addition level at 0.5- 2%.

PEW-0320 can also be used in hot-melt road marking paint, with an additional amount between 5-20%.In some other industries, the additional amount is generally between 1-20%.


Packaging and Storage

Paper-plastic bag, net weight: 20 kg / bag

A non-hazardous product, please store in a place away from ignition sources and strong oxidants. 


May 10, 2022
Can this PE wax be converted into solution by oxidation and emulsification ? And its melting point for this conversion please!
Kiran Bramhane
May 03, 2022
Required TDS of PE Wax granules, Flexes and powder for PVC Stabilizer and
Apr 25, 2022
Pc wax mp 90-100 Price
Zahid Hussain
Mar 13, 2022
Kindly share TDS of PEW-0320 FOB per ton Minimum order qty Possibility of 200 grams sample for evaluation
Scott Sargent
Mar 11, 2022
Hi Please can you provide pricing on PEW 0320. Per ton. Maximum amount in 20ft and 40ft containers Terms CIF Durban, South Africa
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