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for Construction

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Tianshi wax additives and emulsions are used in construction materials such as on the surface of fresh poured concrete as curing agent, also as (mold) release agent and for anti-graffiti coatings. And also can be used in the areas of wall paints, roof tile coatings, plasters and vacuum-pressure-impregnated wood. A further application is the achievement/improvement of anti-blocking at different surfaces, like (rolled) bitume foils.

PE Wax Emulsions
Model Melting point ℃ Solid content Lonic character pH Application
OE-04 110-115 35 N 7-9 High light, Mold release
OE-6301 127 35 N 7-9 High light, Mode release


Waxes for Road Marking Paint
1, Can efficiently reduce the paints viscosity, enhance the flatting effect and get better adhesion force.
2, Higher softening point, keep the coating high in summer heat resistance. Compressive and anti-adhesive and anti-fouling properties.
3, Can efficiently decrease the solidification time of paint.
4, Low volatility, keep the operation environment in good condition.

Performances and features:
1,  High dropping point, narrow melting range, low viscosity and good fluidity.
2,  Excellent dispersibility and compatibility, good heat resistance, high hardness, abrasion resistance.
3,  Good compatibility with petroleum resin, good leveling, fast drying and easy operation.


Model Dropping Point Viscosity Penetration Shape
PEW-0320 92 <20 10 Particle
PEW-0324C 96 <20 8 Powder
PEW-0350C 105 <20 4 Powder
PEW-0352C 110 <20 1 Powder
PEW-0328 106 <15 3 Powder
PEW-0351 110 <15 2 Powder
PEW-0358 110 <100 6 Flake

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