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Fischer-tropsch wax

Fischer Tropsch Wax PEW-0352

Name: Fischer-tropsch Wax 
Model Number: PEW-0352 
Chemical Composition: PE wax

Technical Parameters

Typical properties


Appearance Granule
Oil Content% <1
Melting Point  ℃ 110±3
Viscosity  CPS <20

Characteristics and Usage 
ØPEW-0352 with the characteristics of high melting point, high hardness, and low viscosity, can be widely used in plastic, hot melt adhesive, coating, ink, cosmetics, textiles, rubber additives, mold, car care, floor care, shoe polish, candle products, etc, in part of solvent-based offset and gravure printing ink, PEW-0352 can provide good abrasion resistance and scratch resistance effect, the additive amount is about 0.5-2%.
ØCan be used in hot melt road marking paint, the additive amount is about 5-20%.
ØIn other industries, the additive amount is normally at about 1-20%.

Packaging & Shipping 
Paper-plastic bag, net weight: 25 kg / bag, 600/700kg/pallet, 13000g/20GP;
Delivery:3-7days after payment received.


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